Renewal Planning

Client Centered

Managing your company's Renewal Process is one of our major responsibilities and one of the areas where we provide a lot of value.

Typically, insurance carriers will increase rates, initiating the start of negotiations. We assess the renewals and rates, challenging anything that could achieve better value for your business and employees.

The renewal process includes:

  1. Insurance carrier reassessment: Insurance companies will reassess your plans and pricing for the upcoming year. Cost increases are based on inflation, doctor’s fees, group size, claims history, location, healthcare technology, and more.
  2. Presentation of available plans: Every year we do an extensive market survey and present alternative options from both the existing carriers and competing carriers as well.
  3. Selection stage: This is where you have the chance to select from the plans that are being presented and consider new plan designs, provider networks and carriers.  
  4. Open enrollment for employees: We hold an Open Enrollment meeting and present the new plan options to the employees. The employees make their selections through our online benefit portal. We answer questions and assist the employees with their selections.
  5. Finalizing the process: Once employees have selected their plans, we manage the processing of all the changes and shortly thereafter conduct an audit to ensure that the carriers have correctly processed the enrollment.