Educational Enrollment Meetings

Client Centered

Moving your enrollment process online seems enticing. The idea of data being electronically shared between carriers and employees and spending less time on enrollment sounds perfect. But online-only benefits enrollments often leave employees feeling confused, leading to lower participation numbers. 

What if you could design your employee benefits enrollments in a way that integrates technology without losing the personal service?

With multiple options available, we can customize your enrollment process to help ensure your employees can enroll in the benefits they want, how they want, while decreasing your administration workload. 

For many years, we have been providing online enrollment technology to our clients. This deep technology integration can streamline the enrollment and administration for all your benefit offerings. We provide the flexibility to work directly with you to customize your enrollment to fit your needs. Whether it’s a full-benefit year-round enrollment or handling new hires throughout the year, our team will optimize your enrollment process.