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Key person insurance is the provision of protection to a business against the death and / or disability of a key employee. What makes a key employee is a subjective matter. Clearly, a salesperson who is responsible for the bulk of a company's income would be defined as a key employee, likewise a design or research individual who is working on key new product areas would again qualify. There are, however, many other fields in which an employee may be defined as being of special worth to the business.


Clearly, the need for key person insurance is the protection of the business against unforeseen circumstances. No business would carry on without ensuring that their property (computers, software, etc.) were protected by insurance. Statistically, it is just as likely that the staff who generate the income for the business will suffer an illness or injury that could be far more damaging to the health of the firm than the destruction of inanimate objects.

The death or disablement of a key person can lead to:

- Interruption or loss of existing and potential product sales. 
- Loss of confidence from existing or new suppliers. 
- Loss of competitive edge afforded by innovation or design expertise. 
- Special projects delayed or not completed. 
- Additional strain on remaining staff who have to cover for the missing key person. 
- Lowering of staff moral. 
- Large recruitment costs and head hunting fees to find a replacement.

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